Peek Behind The Blockchain Curtain. PARSIQ Beta Goes Live!


Tanks a lot for being a part of PARSIQ community.
Today, we are very excited to announce that PARSIQ Monitoring is ready for You to explore. Our public beta is ready and live:


PARSIQ is the first blockchain monitoring platform that allows users to set up “smart triggers” to react to events on the blockchain using its advanced blockchain stream manipulation language, ParsiQL. It is already being piloted by a stable coin to secure token reserves, and a cryptocurrency exchange for compliance, and it is available now, free to use on the Ethereum mainnet.

You can create triggers of any complexity which will send you a notification however you want, as an SMS or Telegram message. With PARSIQ you can also create a trigger communicating via REST API with WebHooks to initiate a sequence of events on your side. Creating a trigger to protect your cryptos is extremely simple. All you have to do is register on the PARSIQ platform, create a new project, and include this code as your trigger:

stream OverSpending
from Transfers 

# put your Ethereum mainnet address here
where .from == 0x20f8D3dEf25f425B518BE59CB6127FDAA7E3f34d
# 0.1 ether in wei
&& .value > 100000000000000000

Or use simple preset “Balance changes for an address” when creating new project.

If you have questions about using PARSIQ Monitoring you can always ask our team in TELEGRAM GROUP:

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