[Partnership] PARSIQ Service for Brazilian Digital Token (BRZ): What’s The Benefit?

Our project continues to grow rapidly, and we look forward to mutually beneficial cooperation with innovative projects. So, here is the BRZ token using PARSIQ for verification of its crypto transactions.

Quick introduction: BRZ is the first stable coin backed by Brazilian Reais (BRL). It will allow Brazilian residents to directly ramp up in international exchanges and actively trade the Brazilian currency against pairs of different classes, including Bitcoin, other stable coins, utility and security tokens.

The BRZ – PARSIQ’ partnership ensures the security of the Brazilian token. PARSIQ will play a key role in analyzing market activity by performing a real-time audit; and ensuring the support of token’s life-critical functions such as convertibility demands. BRZ, on the other hand, will help PARSIQ to get access to the major Brazilian exchanges with a future prospect of establishing new connections.


PARSIQ solves the problem of insufficient monitoring and analytics tools’ availability in the crypto and blockchain ecosystems. PARSIQ addresses the lack of tool support by providing a comprehensive and flexible analytics platform open to everyone.

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